Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

You can win $1,000, if you find the hidden egg. Look for clues hidden daily in Classifieds. Clues will not be given online, but we will keep you up to date as to whether the egg is still hiding.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Day 8: A strange telephone call

So, the egg somehow managed to call The Herald-Dispatch newsroom today. The conversation follows:

HD: "Herald-Dispatch, how may I help you?"

EGG: *snickers* "Sooooo guess who this is?!?!"

HD: "I have no idea, sir. How can I help you?"

EGG: "Well, are you running some kind of contest right now?"  *more snickering*

HD: "Umm, yes, sir. We are running a Easter Egg Treasure Hunt contest. A new clue runs each day in the Classifieds section."

EGG: *LOUD laughing* "Has NO ONE found the egg?"

HD: "No, sir, no one has called to say they have found the egg."


HD: "Excuse me?"

EGG: "I'm the EGG!"

HD: "Ummm, well, that's interesting. How in the world are you calling.."

EGG: *interrupts*  "Listen, I don't have much time for chit-chat. Are you SURE people are looking for me?"

HD: "Yes, sir, we have had a few calls and emails from readers who say they are hunting."

EGG: "And are you SURE those clues are getting published every day?"

HD: "Yes, we are publishing them every day."

EGG: "And readers know I'm worth $1,000?"

HD: "Yes, we have mentioned that."

EGG: "PLEASE make sure someone finds me! I'm tired of the on-again, off-again rain. And I'm lonely. And I don't like the dark at night. And there are these BIRDS that I think you should get an investigative reporter to look into. There's something shady about them that I can't put my finger on..."

HD: "Umm, sir, you are an egg, you have no fingers."

EGG: *silence*  "Just make sure someone finds me."  *click*


So, apparently, the egg has an odd sense of humor.

Anyhow, please SEND US PHOTOS OF YOUR HUNT to acopley@herald-dispatch.com. Be sure to give first and last names of everyone in the photo.

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Jonathan Ellis said...

Sounds like the egg is getting cocky... he will slip up soon and I will find him and have the last laugh...

Statler and Waldorf said...

We may be eggscaping the balcony soon to crack this case.

Wintz said...

Has this one been found so soon again?

Anonymous said...

Any word on where the egg was for those that have spent time looking? Would like to know to see if we were close. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am now able to hunt! The Apple Dumpling Gang is ready to claim this egg!!!

Online said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Online said...

Sorry, hunters, the egg has been found! Read Wednesday's Herald-Dispatch to find out the details.