Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

You can win $1,000, if you find the hidden egg. Look for clues hidden daily in Classifieds. Clues will not be given online, but we will keep you up to date as to whether the egg is still hiding.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Things to remember

So, there are the OFFICIAL RULES, and then there are the common sense rules.

• Be safe. At no time in hunting for the egg are you required to put yourself in harm’s way.

• No trespassing! We will never hide the egg in a location that requires you to unlawfully enter someone’s property.

• Don’t make a mess! Just like we’ll always keep you safe and legal, we will never hide the egg in a location that requires you to tear anything up, damage landscaping or destroy property.

• Until you see it in this blog, on our website or in the newspaper, don’t believe the egg has been found.

• Finally, have fun and be courteous. This is a family-oriented contest, and we want all involved to enjoy it. That means being nice and polite when you see your fellow egg-hunting sleuths out and about.

SEND US PHOTOS OF YOUR HUNT to acopley@herald-dispatch.com. Be sure to give first and last names of everyone in the photo. 

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We serve nine counties in three states. The egg could be hiding in any of those counties!

Good luck, hunters! 

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